Anhui Liyuan CNC blade mould manufacturing Co., Ltd.
About Us

Anhui Liyuan CNC blade mold manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2003, has the honors and certifications of national high-tech enterprise, China's key mold enterprise, national intellectual property demonstration enterprise, Anhui Enterprise Technology Center, Anhui Industrial Design Center, Anhui specialized and special new enterprise, Anhui innovative enterprise pilot work unit, etc.

As of March 2022, the company has 69 patents (including 28 invention patents), 1 software copyright, 4 registered trademarks, and 5 foreign registered trademarks (Madrid certification). A series of perfect measures and layout for product innovation, brand creation and patent application have provided effective protection for the market operation behavior of the enterprise.

As a private science and technology enterprise keeping pace with the times, Liyuan company will add new vitality to the innovative development of the blade mold and stamping equipment industry in our province and even China with its new business structure and high-quality product output.

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Service advantages
  • Company advantages

    One of the professional manufacturers who developed and produced CNC bending machine dies and compensation worktables earlier in China

  • after-sale service

    The company is based on pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service, and combines service with expansion

  • Talent advantage

    Professional and technical talents, mature "industry university research" cooperation mechanism with Anhui University of Technology

  • quality assurance

    The company has successively established a number of enterprise management standards to fundamentally ensure product quality and standardize enterprise operation